Our Path

This 22nd Annual White House Prayer for Our Nation is the principle of inviting God, Miracles and Morality into our Nation. Join us on May 2, 2020, to pray for our leaders to have God, moral veracity and political effectiveness in uniting our nation 

What We Believe

We invite you to join us on our task which is to create a new whole-person politics. We pray to break free of a past based on a decidedly outdated view of the world. With this day of prayer, we are embracing a more enlightened understanding of our relation to each other as  One Nation under God. Together we the people of faith of the United States of America can come together to form a more perfect union.  

Our Community

We are One Nation under God, we believe that we are all united to push and to pray for our nation. We can do all things with the Power of Prayer.