White House Prayer for Our Nation


23 Years

The White House Prayer Initiative started in Washington, DC in 1998 from a vision I received to pray for our President, Prime Ministers and our Leaders, the good of the government, and the nation.  In fact, prayer is inextricably linked to the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth. This vision manifested and the “birth” of White House Prayer Initiative took place and is now in its 23rd  year.


As you know, prayer is a powerful force. When we pray TOGETHER the rewards are magnified tenfold and your participation is so important. Our hope is that you will respond to the heartbeat of God and join us as we prepare for this important celebration.  You, your ministry, your family, interfaith leaders and friends are invited to assemble on The Ellipse and fellowship with us. Many are coming by bus, train and plane or you can join us virtually!  We need you!  According to the word of God, we are able to do more spiritually when we pose a united front, especially when battling against the principles and principalities that plague our nation.


Prayer at the White House lawn has been a staple through five administrations. We are proud to be there again in 2021.

Community Involvement

Through working in the community enables us to be relevant, and respond to the voice of the people.


A movement to unite police with the community. With this experience change can definitely happen.

Join us and dare god to change your life, your family, and your community.

Meet us at the White House for a Day of Prayer 


To in-act change in this world, we need to communicate lOVE...

Join us at white house prayer for our nation

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“Why not join us?
for Prayer day”

May 1st, 2021
On the White House lawn