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Event Rules

  1. Absolutely no purchasing or distribution of T-shirts at the event.
  2. T-shirts must be purchased offline/online prior to the event.
  3. Buses can only drop off and must move on to park on Independence Ave. Between 15th & 17th streets.
  4. Bathrooms are available at the Ellipse park which closes at 4:00 p.m.
  5. No other event bathroom must be used by attendees of the White House Prayer.
  6. Cold foods must be kept cold and hot foods hot.
  7. No overnight parking on or around the Ellipse park in Washington, DC
  8. No private distribution of any pamphlets, books, business cards, newspapers, etc.
  9. Any distribution of pamphlets, books, newspapers, etc, (no business cards) must first have written approval by White House Prayer Inc.
  10. Absolutely no promotion, advertising or political discussions, etc!