White House Prayer for the Nation


“Why We Need Ambassadors?”



1. Ambassador will network and connect with your respective Consul General locally at home and nationwide, as well as your country’s respective UN Ambassadors including your local church and community organizations.

2. Ambassador must put his or her team together thereby creating their own core group for White House Prayer with the goal of recruiting 100 members under your Ambassadorship.

3. Ambassador will send emails to your core group of participants inviting them to White House Prayer for our Nation, Inc. on Saturday, May 26, 2018.

4. Ambassador must connect with White House Prayer Executive Team regarding their progress towards their goals and for general information for any correspondences.

5. Ambassador will receive a Gold Certificate along with WHP ID card.

Ambassadors will serve to mobilize the consulates from the various countries to invite 100 person from a particular country to attend the White House Prayer for Our Nation event on May 26th, 2018. This department will be directed by a National Ambassadors Coordinator, Dr. Marilyn J. John. She is a minister with over thirty five of ministerial experience.